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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Naruto is shown standing there with a green aura around him. His body seems to have grown slightly with more muscel mass. God Pain smirks at naruto and steadies himself for an attack. Naruto suddenly runs forward and seems to vanish into thin air in front of God Pain. Naruto reappears in front of Animal Realm and slams his fist into his gut sending him flying upward into the air. Naruto then vanishes again and appears seconds later up above animal realm who stares up in shock just in time to be kicked in the chin and sent crashing stomach first on top of hungry ghost realm. Naruto then comes crashing down knee first and a loud crack and scream is heard as naruto seemingly shatters the spines and bones of animal realm and hungry ghost realm. Naruto then gets up and stands before pain. The other realms try to attack naruto but before their hands can connect naruto seemingly vanishes to appear seconds later a couple feet away.
DBZ? vanishing and reapearring lots and rasegncan (kamehameha) blond hair(supersaiyan) reading chakra( sensing ki).

as for prediction what i would like to see is he mixes wind and water into hurricane and then mixes that with rasengan ...hurrican rasengan !!!!!!!!! causes a twister when it hits and the twister is full of those little wind things that attack cells...this rasengan can be thrown and takes out all the pains apart from god pain

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