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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Basicly the idea I had there was a natural next step from the sage mode that j-man used. Basicly J-man used the frogs to gather even more sage energy than normal which made him more frog like. There also has not been an explaination of what happens if you just store the sage energy within a person instead of use it immediately. I figured as more chakra enters the body it starts to physically effect it like the chakra valve gates in the body. As the chakra amount skyrockets the body begins to change physically. If you need proof look up the eight gates. As for the green aura, that is actually chakra escaping from naruto's skin as he litterally is overflowing with nature energy. Then as for the speed and strength, that again is using the gates theory since both lee and guy when using that high a lvl gained incredible speed and strength for a short time. As for why I thought naruto needed extra strength and speed, I figured naruto is already strong but too slow to keep up with all those pain realms. If on the other hand he was so fast that pain couldnt even keep up with his eyes than the rinnegan would indeed be worthless. Besides the next chapter did hint that melee was involved so I figured naruto had to have a melee trick up his sleeve hence this idea.

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