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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

yeah wolf is better relate to kakashi.

i"m just telling (ever heard of the word sarcasm?), argument of "naruto is not angry" to relate with "waves of rage" is just simply no argument at all.

And Naruto seems to be in the best shape, emotionally.
1.When he appears back in Konoha, he came to know the current state of Konoha, thanks to Pain.
2.Later, from remark of Shima in 430, Naruto came to knew that Pain he's confronting is the same that killed Jiraiya.
3.Lastly , due to his highten senses and Tsunade's silence, he came to realised the possibility of Kakashi being dead.

Yet he put a good composure, physically and emotionally, so far with 2 KO's against Pain.

This is particularly, the reason why I relate "rage" with the technique and not Naruto's state of emotion.
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