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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Hi, I'm new here. This is my first post, by the way. I'd like to put in my two cents re: what I think will happen in chapter 432.

I'd like to talk about the Pain bodies that are left (or, more accurately, the paths that are left), Naruto's new jutsu, and how Sage mode works. I will stick to those three topics, as it's likely chapter 432 will not have room to go beyond those topics, if that.

Before I get started, a review of Buddhism as it pertains to the Rinnegan and Pain. There are six types of existence that are subject to passions, which usually triggers difficulty in beings: hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm, human realm, demi-god realm, and god realm. (On a side note: suffering/difficulty ("samsara") and freedom with difficulty ("nirvana") are in all those realms, although realizing nirvana is easiest in human realm, as it is not colored as extremely by passions. For instance, the hungry ghost realm is colored by extreme greed, which is depicted by a ghost with a small throat that tries to swallow up everything but cannot get it past their throat and into the stomach, thus suffering from not being able to swallow everything it wants. This Buddhist concept is what Kishi creatively then turns into a character. Pain's ghost-realm body is the one that is able to "swallow" up all ninjutsu. Kishi uses the concepts regarding all the other realms into consideration when creating the other five of Pain's bodies, although I think Kishi took a lot of more creative license when developing Deva, Human, and Hell Pain, as being able to control gravity is not really in the Buddhist notion of god-realm). "Rinnegan" literally means "eye of samsara" or "eye of suffering" in the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters. As such, Pain can metaphorically (and possibly quite literally) only see suffering in the world. Pain's character development offshoots from that.
Here's a close-up of all the Pain bodies, courtesy of Kishi:

Having said that, Pain's demi-god body was destroyed first with Naruto's rasengan, and Pain's hungry-ghost body was destroyed by the frog katas. This leaves the animal (summoner) body, human (mind reader/soul-reaper) body, hell (punisher of liars/soul-eater/resurrector) body, and god (gravity-control) body.

At the end of Chapter 431, it is Naruto's move, and that is how Chapter 432 will most likely start. Naruto is making a hand-seal that strongly suggests he will do a Kage Bunshin to start things off (big surprise, huh). I think the Bunshins will do two things: distract or crowd-control the remaining Pain bodies, while allowing the real Naruto to collect more natural energy, if he needs any more. Remember, natural energy runs out and he can only collect some prior to battle as it's too dangerous to remain still during battle to collect the natural energy. Unless the kage bunshins protect him while he collects it. This speculation is supported by Kishi showing Naruto having a light-bulb moment when the frog-master says trying to be still and collect natural energy while moving, " like looking left and right at the same time," which is exactly what Kakashi said to Naruto when he was developing his Shuriken Rasengan. And we all know the Shuriken Rasengan used kage bunshin to start things off.

Naruto will use the newly collected natural energy to do his new jutsu, which Kishi implies takes lots of energy and quick chakra recovery. When Naruto first learns about Sage mode, and the benefits it brings to chakra recovery, he says, "Maybe now I can do THAT," referring to the new jutsu:

Most likely, the "new" jutsu is one that Jiraya and Minato entrusted with Naruto to complete -- and that Naruto hasn't used up to this point.

Now with sage powers, Naruto feels confident to use it and he has been shown secretly practicing it in Myobokuzan, after saying, "Maybe now I can do that" (see above).

It seems Naruto summons clouds and the clouds (or what is summoned with the clouds) slices through the hilltops and leaves them toppled over. It is the ranged attack Naruto has been looking for, and most likely uses wind element, as we know from previous chapters that wind is used to slice through things. It seems this jutsu has a wide range and keeps slicing far into the distance. This area-of-effect is perfect to take out the remaining Pain bodies.

Pain will not die in chapter 432. Naruto's jutsu will probably be too fast for the remaining Pain bodies to dodge. Even if Pain dodges, the one to most likely dodge it is god Pain, who can jump really high. I have a feeling, however, that the fight will be more dramatic than that, with at least one of the Pain bodies having a counter. If so, that will give Naruto more pages to in Chpater 433 to fight, with Naruto the eventual winner, but the real Pain still alive somewhere. The real Pain will most likely disappear from the storyline for a while to recover his lost bodies, but still in charge of Akatsuki from afar. One premonition is that Pain will use Jiraya's dead body for one of the new Pain bodies -- something that will haunt Naruto (or extremely anger him) later on.

The reason I think Kishi will end the Naruto-Pain fight quickly is I think the other Pain bodies don't really have a chance against Naruto. For instance, hell and human bodies seem to need physical contact in order to extract souls and do damage -- something that most likely will not happen as Naruto is in sage mode. Animal body is almost out of summons (and the summons seem useless at this point). God body is probably the only one capable of retreating, but Pain is probably too proud to do that right now. Besides, Pain can always reclaim bodies and learn more about Naruto's moves by sticking around and sacrificing all his remotely-controlled bodies.
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