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The shadow!

So you were just setting there as lazy as you are and imagining your biggest dream comes true just when a devil appear and the conversation goes that way..

Devil: yo man wass'up?

You: ssup..

Devil:So i heard you like mudk..uh..your wish to become true.

You:Am not selling you my soul if that what you are after.

Devil:No shit man..souls are old school now..all i need is your shadow..its good for nothing any way yo.

You:interesting..keep going.

Devil:Nothing more to say sign here and i'll grant you any wish you wan't with the cost of your shadow..what you say yo?

You: alright it seems fair enough.

Devil: sign here just got yo self a granted wish.

You: ok..i wish to have a one million wish.

Devil: way a devil not a genie..all you getting is one wish yo.

You: *shit*..fine so here is my wish then..

Devil: remember...once your wish is granted you will lose your shadow forever..without can't even wish to keep your shadow cuz its already don't waste your wish on a foolish smartass shit.


So what will it be?

grant your biggest dream in the cost of your own shadow?

Or keep your shadow and live a normal life and try to make your dreams come true with your own efforts?

Remember that losing your shadow is not an easy thing..someone will have to notice that some day specially your life mate and he gonna freak the hell out and will thing that you are the devil that a chance you want to take?
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