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Re: The shadow!

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Edit: RNB, stop taking life so seriously and get that stick out of your ass you idiot. You consistently inject your "wisdom" into other people's off-the-wall, ludicrous conversations for God knows what reason and everybody hates it every time you do it. No one cares about your unrelated opinion.
This is why I hate Christians. Stupid stuff like this. "Stop taking life so seriously" is probably the dumbest thing a thinking-man could possibly due. While you stick with your candy-coated beliefs that give you pseudo-satisfaction I am trying to find more. Evidence shows I only get one life. Why would I not pursue my goal of existence (happiness) to the fullest extent?

The point is, people these days don't think about anything that matters. They care about sex, drugs, money, and all that shit without even realizing why they do it.

A good analogy would be computers. Most people, when they get a computer, don't give a rat's ass about how it works. However, then they end up doing really shitty things to it and they end up getting about half of what they could have gotten out of their computer. Some will actually find out how to use it and those people max it out to their fullest potential. You know what we call those people? We call them smart.

When we look at people who actually think about life, the definition changes. The common stereotype of a philosopher is some dude who thinks all day about metaphysics and shit. However, this is not the case. Everyone, in order to maximize existence, must become a philosopher.

So I use philosophical discourse with people whom I like to pursue the answers to the questions I have, and in return I might answer one of yours. I am not some relentless guy who never compromises. I do compromise. If you talked to me about half a year ago I was a post-modernist Brian McClaren asshole. Now I am much more orthodox. Before that, I was one of those really conservative dudes. Think about my political opinions. At first I was an anarcho-capitalist. Now I am an Objectivist who thinks government is morally necessary.

The truth is, no one wants to go to the trouble of talking anymore. If you want to go on talking about your shadow then whatever. I am not going to stop voicing my opinions though.
"Nature loves to be hidden."

- Heraclitus
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