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Re: The shadow!

Originally Posted by SugoiNaruto162 View Post
Or maybe, just MAYBE... people are tired of your shit and don't feel like you're worth the effort.
I am not what they are refuting. See, this only makes my point more true. In a debate, you are refuting a point, not the person. In an informal debate where things like statistics can be thrown in then you could attack the person a bit, but only if you are trying to change their opinion.

All you do is debate religion and politics while simultaneously ruining threads created just just fuck around.
If you think that is all I debate then I guess I haven't debated enough.

And it's the same particular things your pick at, too. You spout the same crap over and over. It was stale the third time you did it and now it's just highly annoying.
Wow, I ruined your riveting discussion on devils and shadows! I mean, I have ruined good threads. This is definitely not one of them.
"Nature loves to be hidden."

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