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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

my question for now is how many times can nagato revive his six paths of much chakra can he really send through his chakra recievers...

moreover naruo is not fighting recklessly...katsuyu is giving him he is usiing his brain....naruto may not be as smart as kakashi n shikamaru..but he is quite good at strategies...he has capability to fool his opponents..i dun want to give any examples cz you ppl read manga too

Originally Posted by Newman View Post
I think that Pain gets weaker with the loss of the "puppets". Remember Jiraya thought that they could all see what one of the bodies could actually see. Does that make sense to anyone else? Anyway, I love the manga more everytime Naruto kicks someones ass...... looks like I am in for a very lovey week this week.
yeah pain is getting weaker ...he has to revive his bodies agn n agn...send chakra in them...and i dont think pain has unlimited amount of he shd reach to his limit soon...but i dun know when he will reach his limit.

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