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True that, FG. I remember there was this one dude who supposedly banged a fat chick once in my highschool. She was disgustingly fat, and really short. We called her Umpa-Lumpa, and we called the freshman kid who 'banged' her Umpa-Lumpa Fucker.

Umpa-Lumpa and Umpa-Lumpa Fucker had a huge fight in the hallway one day, which was full of much lulz. It seemed like Umpa-Lumpa had told Umpa-Lumpa Fucker that she was pregnant. Umpa-Lumpa Fucker was upset because he thought he couldn't have children, so that she must be cheating on him. The reason Umpa-Lumpa Fucker thought he couldn't have children was because he hadn't gone through puberty yet. Which he kept yelling at her in the middle of the hallway. I nearly shat myself.

Turned out Umpa-Lumpa wasn't pregnant in the end anyway. She just had mild food poisoning, which was why she was throwing up (Which she thought was morning sickness.). Oh, how I did lol.
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