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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Originally Posted by Dagoro1988 View Post
His field of vision shrinks when he loses a body. thats about it.

The power factor actually works the other way around. they less bodies the more power he can focus on the remaining ones.
I agree, this fight is going to get tougher for Naruto with every body that falls. I think that whenever a body is destroyed, the only disadvantage for Nagato is that he can't use the abilities of that realm temporarily. Other than that, I don't see how his chakra supply decreases. So if Naruto is hasty and finishes off many realms quickly without letting them attack him (using chakra), then I think that the last remaining realm will have a lot of chakra left.

Also, I don't think Nagato is a pushover who can be taken out whenever his true body is found. Remember that Jiraiya said Nagato knew all kinds of Jutsu. So even if the realms are destroyed, it's going to be an extremely tough battle ahead for naruto (especially if Pain has time to recover). And if Madara can boss over Pain, I can't imagine how powerful he really is.
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