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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

so my friends and i just played spoons
for those of you who think it's the game where you bang each others knuckles with spoons, you are wrong
it's a card game, and it is so much fun!
it's hard to explane online, and i can't find a site that explanes it well...
you separate out the 4 of a kinds in a deck
as many people as you have playing you have that many 4 of a kinds in your playing deck
and you have -1 spoon from the number of players.

for instance 5 people=5 four of a kinds= 4 spoons in the centre of the table

everyone is delt 4 cards. you will attempt to get a 4 of a kind, you pick a card in yoru hand to discard and pass it to the player on your right. you pick up the new card infront of you, see if it helps the set your are trying to collect, if not, pass it on to the next player

therte are no turns, every one is looking and passing card on at the same time

when you get 4 of a kind, don't say anything, grab a spoon

then everyone else trys to grab a spoon
so remember to keep an eye out for if anyone grabs a spoon, cause you want one

who ever doesn't get a spoon gets a letter (keep track on a peice of paper)
if someone gets the word "spoons" they lose, remove a spoon and a four of a kind and continue playing with those who are still in
the last one in wins

it is SOOO much fun

i should draw a diagram

Edit: wow that is so long
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