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Re: Anger and Affection

They weren’t actually that bad. For the first day, Lee left some odd little manuals for them to read and discuss amongst themselves. Their work ethic was fairly normal for pre-teens – they stared at their assignment for maybe half an hour, and then decided they had better things to do with their time. There had only been maybe five occasions during the day when I’d wanted to give the demons a piece of my mind, but I had contained myself.

To keep their attention for a longer period today (our final day, thank goodness), I planned on ignoring the training regime that Lee had left (by explaining I’d lost the itinerary list), and doing something completely different. Something I thought they would enjoy.

“This is the dumbest thing ever.”

Well, maybe not. I obviously wasn’t psychic.

With a narrow glare, I turned to the short boy with spiky blonde hair. What was with little blonde kids? Why did they always have to be so damn opinionated?

“Well, I apologize you’re not having the time of your life.”

The second boy snorted. “I agree with Kisuke. Couldn’t we do something exciting? Lee-sensei’s manuals were better than this.”

The girl beside me rolled her eyes dramatically and leaned close to me, and whispered loudly, “Boys.”

I felt like snorting and telling her she had no idea, but merely quirked my lips in response.

As if he needed to get his point further across, Kisuke stalked up the roof’s railing where Fuku and I were stooped in front of. “Why in the world would you think we’d want to sit here and admire older men?” He sounded utterly disgusted. Put that way, I did feel slightly sorry for him.

“I didn’t bring you here to ‘admire’ anyone. I figured this would be a good place to get in some actual hands-on practice of all that material you read about yesterday.”

Kisuke leaned against the railing and sighed heavily. “You’re full of crap.”

I bolted up indignantly, a quick retort on my tongue when Fuku snagged my skirt and yanked hard while hissing, “He’s looking Sakura-sensei!”

I gave a startled choke and flattened myself to the roof’s concrete. I clenched my teeth tightly together when I heard him yelling my name from down below. I could tell he was laughing from even so far above. With a soft curse, I stood and dusted off my legs before peering over the banister and smiling weakly down at Naruto.

It had been merely an unfortunate coincidence that he had been assisting in the construction of the adjacent building. I had only realized he was over there about a half-hour after we arrived when I heard his familiar burst of laughter.

I had tried to go through the motions of some basic nin skills, but the knowledge that Naruto was so close ate away at my attention. Finally, when Fuku had perched herself by the banister to observe the “construction”, I’d parked myself down right beside her. Fifteen minutes later, the boys had gotten whiny, Fuku had gotten stars in her eyes, and I had gotten spotted.

I watched as Naruto waved enthusiastically at me; my answering wave was pathetic in comparison, but that was because I felt like a moron.

“I’m coming up!” he shouted.

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