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Re: Anger and Affection

He sighed heavily and stood up from the log. I watched with surprise as he lowered himself onto the ground and laid back on the leaves. He muttered something unintelligible under his breath and crossed his arms behind his head, allowing them serve as a makeshift cushion.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to sit here until the clouds part, so I can show you The Mighty Frog.”

“And what if the clouds don’t part?”

“They will.” He paused for a moment, then ticked his gaze over to mine. “You’ll have a better view over here.”

I hesitated for a moment, and then sighed. He humphed with approval when I settled down beside him on the ground, and turned to look up at…well, absolutely nothing.

“We should remember this place for our next sky-gazing escapade. Maybe we’ll see something another day,” I said.

His laughter was a soft rumble. “We’ll see something tonight.” He seemed so sure of himself. If I hadn’t gotten the night’s weather report of ‘completely cloudy’, I might have actually believed him.

The silence that surrounded us as we stared blindly at the sky was surprisingly comfortable. He was intent as he willed the clouds to part; I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling. I fidgeted occasionally to re-sort the leaves poking my back. It was minutes later when a facetious thought came to me. I argued myself out of acting on it at first, but then I just gave into my vicious mind.

“So did Jiraiya ever show you The Super Slug?”

Naruto’s eyes were bright with excitement when he asked, “There’s a Super Slug?”

If I had responded immediately, I would have burst into irrepressible laughter, so instead I managed a weak nod, which unfortunately still made him suspicious.

“You’re lying to me aren’t you?” he asked with a narrowed gaze.

“No,” I wheezed out.

“Are you going to show it to me?” he asked, still guarded.

“Uh, of course.” I would have to make sure he pointed out his frog first, so I could make sure the slug wouldn’t overlap.

He eyed me for several moments before turning away and muttering something about his frog being real under his breath.

He had only been silent for about minute when he spoke next. “So how big is this slug?”

And I grinned

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