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Re: Naruto 432 Predictions

Originally Posted by Silverblade View Post
Naruto better have some other jutsu besides Shadow clones and Rasengans. If the manga reveals that Six paths is a Rinnen'gan technique. This is going to be a long brutal battle. I still think that Nagato is going to get owned by the Sexy jutsu. Because Naruto mentioned it makes a nice distraction. So that way he can make a clean cut with his most powerful technique probably.
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Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
I agree. Sage Mode is so risky that he may have to use the Kyuubi's chakra to fight it out until the end. Although as long as Sage Mode is active, the shinobi can constantly use jutsu as the body keeps recharged due to natural energy following in an out of the body. However, going into Sage Mode requires a large chakra supply to be used to draw natural energy unto one's self. Its likely that Naruto is running short on his regular chakra supply.
Sage Mode is risky? Kyuubi mode rips into Naruto's FRICKIN' SKIN! Grampa toad said that the only risk that went with Sage Mode was the fact that Naruto had to stay perfectly still while charging up. If there were any other risks, he would have mentioned them.
He never said why high chakra types were the only ones who could master Sage Mode. Maybe because high chakra is needed to counteract natural energy.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
I have a feeling that Naruto may either run short on his own chakra supply and the Kyuubi's chakra runs through, or Naruto instinctively draws on the chakra in order to keep himself in the game. Afterall Naruto is a host, he should make use of the gifts that he was granted. Hopefully he can control the chakra better.

However, if Naruto can use the Kyuubi's chakra to go into Sage Mode, then he'd have no reason to fight in Kyuubi influenced state. But using the Kyuubi's chakra to go into Sage Mode, I'm not sure if that's possible, but it may be. Then again, the Kyuubi's chakra rejects Fukasku, so it might reject natural energy if it is used to draw on natural energy. That's just my opinion though.
Like I've said before, since the Kyuubi tried to kill Sakura, it's douptful that Naruto will be asking it for any favors any time soon.
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