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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 7.1

It’s been quite some time since Team 8 left the half rebuilt ruins of Konoha with Naruto now the hiding in a place deep in the forest. The fierce battle with the Roots still remains in their memory. It was close but even when they get noticed the Root seemingly didn’t saw that they were carrying Naruto. Now the rest in their hideout while the other check on Naruto.

A familiar voice with a slight tone of concern; „Wow Kiba you seem to have hit him pretty bad short before your Team left the village with Naruto. He still is unconscious and this even after 3 hours.”

Kiba don’t cooperates with her and argues; “Pah Ino, it was his own fault for awaking in the middle of the battlefield when he’s supposed to be outnumbered so we can safely leave.”

Ino does still not agree with that

“Still it was a little harsh don’t you agree?”

Sakura, seemingly not really worrying comments this

“Absolutely not, it is his own fault if he has to scream and head straight into trouble every time he sees an enemy so it was necessary.”

Another voice speaks relatively careless

“Besides of that Ino, you don’t know how hard Sakura can hit. Kiba won’t ever hit that hard in a million years.”

Sakura, angry and with clenched fist

“What did you just say Sai, I didn’t understand it?”

Sais slowly retreats while saying; “No-No- nothing, Oh it’s time I think I have to patrol.”

Sakura shouts

“Stop you now. I’m talking to you”

Just when Sakura wants to charge in direction of Sai Yamato interrupts

“Sakura calm down it seems Naruto says something.”

Still sleeping Naruto began to talk.

“Sakura, it’s so nice to see you all right I‘m so relieved.”

This surprises Sakura.

“Wow normally Naruto sounds and reacts different when we meet. Is it possible that he finally really matured while Training?”

The second after Naruto is mumbling something

”That’s my chance to hug her”

That loud thinking of Naruto let Sakura forget about what Sai said and focusing on Naruto

“Naaaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu toooooooooooo!!!”

The others cringe and Yamato tries to calm her

“No Sakura please not in here or do you want to reveal our position to Danzous pawns?”

But this won’t help to calm Sakura down and she unimpressed punches Naruto while screaming;


While most of the others are already out of the room Yamato was to far behind and couldn’t leave in time;

“Shit, she is even more violent and tempered as Tsunade. I never ever should make her angry”

Because of this punch Naruto scared and stunned wakes up while seeing Sakura facing him angry.

“Whoa Sakura, what, what happened and why does my head hurt like hell and WHERE ARE WE?”

The same moment he sees Yamato scared hiding in the corner.

“Huh, Captain Yamato why are you hiding in this corner and why is Sakura that angry?”

Sakura is near hitting Naruto again but Yamato fast says what happened.

“You were talking in sleep and you spoke something Sakura was not happy about…”

Naruto fast reacts and tries to apologize but Sakura won’t let him.

“Too laaaaaaaaaaaaate Naruto”

Sakura tries to smack him another time but he dodges. Then Yamato surprised comments

“Wow Naruto that was fast”

Even Sakura was buffed enough to calm down.

The others are hiding at the door and are buffed as well. Ino and Sai are most impressed by that and congratulate Naruto for being that fast. It also seems Sakura is back at normal.

(“Phew that was close one if I’m near to Sakura I must be even more careful than if I would face Akatsuki”) Cause to long I will cut it here and continue in the next post
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