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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 7.2

“Okay I’m back now and even stronger than before but could please someone tells me WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED IN KONOHA and where is Kakashi-sensei?”

Suddenly all became sad and Sakura tries to say something but isn’t able to do so. During that Yamato jumps in and tells Naruto what happened.

“Well Naruto, it is hard but I will try to tell you.”

Naruto becomes suspicious and fears something bad.

“What do you mean?”

Yamato has problems to tell him what happened but still tries it.

“Well, Naruto the following has happened while you where away training.”

Now Naruto becomes impatient.

“And what was this?”

Finally he is able to spit it out.

“Okay, in search of you two Akatsuki members came to Konoha. Their names were Pain and Konan. Pain is the leader of Akatsuki and Konan, a girl is his Partner…”

This surprised Naruto but also angered him at the same time but Sakura asks first.

“It was the Leader?!”

“Yes, Sakura”

“No wonder Kakashi-sensai didn’t stand a chance against him”

Now Naruto asks

“What does this mean Sakura?”

But before she answered Yamato took the word.

“Please let me continue Naruto. Shikamaru could use Kagemane on him.”

With a big question mark on the face he followed his order.


Naruto enraged a little.

“Hey what is this about Captain?”

With an apologizing voice he speaks on.

“Sorry Naruto, I can’t risk that you run into your doom right away. Well let’s continue. Pain is a user of the Rinnengan a Kekkai Genkai or to be exact a powerful Doujutsu.”

And again Naruto calmed and wondered what this is.

“A what?”

Then Sakura explained it to him.

“In other words it’s something like Sasuke’s Sharingan or Neji and Hinata’s Byakogan just with other skills.”

Yamato congratulates her for her knowledge.

“Exactly, but we don’t know much about it or its skills yet. We only know it allows him to control up the six different bodies with their own unique skill including all five elements. It also was Pain who killed Jiraya and badly hurt Tsunade before he destroyed the center of Konoha with one of his yet-to be-investigate Jutsus.”

Naruto now after hearing what Pain did Naruto starts to become Kyuubi berserk and Shikamaru has a hard time hold him back.

“Let me go Shikamaru. Pain and Akatsuki will pay for all what they did. With my new might I will crush them in no time”

All other at this point shout the same time; “CALM DOWN Naruto we understand how you feel but there are way more important things at hand than killing him besides we have no hint were they went now and they sure will come back for you and for that we have to prepare so we can let them pay.”

Naruto now calmed down a little.

“I’m prepared anytime to fight them”

Yamato praises him.

“No doubt about this Naruto you really have become much stronger and faster like we saw before but you haven’t heard the whole story and this will even anger you more but a headless search and destroy action will only kill you and doom what’s left of Konoha”

Slightly calmed Naruto asks what they have to tell them and what is about Kakashi

“Okay and May I guess Kakashi is trying to track them?”

Slightly saddened he speaks on

“Unfortunately not quite.”

Again Naruto is curious about this strange way of answering.

“What does this mean?”

“Before Pain launched the attack which blew the whole center of Konoha his six bodies fought, mainly in the outer skirts with different Teams of Konoha Shinnobi. One of em was Chouji, Choza and Kakashi. To rescue the village from Pains unknown abilities Choza and Kakashi lost their life so Choji could report to the Hokage. If Choji were not being able to tell a little of his abilities Tsunade surely had died later on and weren’t be able to safe so many villagers.”

After hearing that Naruto IS going Kyuubi berserk with three tails and additional Yamato had to use his Senjuu Jutsu to Shikamarus Kagemane to hold him back.

“Pain you will pay for this” While that Naruto already has his fith Tail approaching.

This scared Yamato so he lost control for a moment but still is able to keep Naruto.

“Incredible he is able to control the Fox up to five Tails.”

Now Sakura yells at him.

“NARUTO STOP THIS NOW or you will reveal our hideout to Danzou”

Cause of the surprise Naruto goes back to normal; “Danzou? Who is Danzou?”

Sai interrupts and tells him the rest.

“Danzou is the leader of an Elite Ninja group called “Roots”, Ninjas who were trained since childhood to loose emotion. I was also part of this group until I met you. But I never had thought that he was planning to take over Konoha and the trouble caused by Pain he used for this purpose. Danzou hided in the underground during Pains attack after that he took over the remains. All we could do was fleeing and hiding in this forest.”

Naruto heated up again and reacted to this very pissed

“So this was what you were talking about when you spoke about Konoha being doomed.”

“Exactly Naruto and before we can worry about Pain who actually should be on the Way to Myobuko Mountain to get you we should fell Danzou and rebuilt the city as much as we can before we can take care of Akatsuki.”

Naruto wondered how he could find this out and asked about this.

“Well he read it in Shizunes mind and did something to her we don’t know yet.”

Unusual calm Naruto commented; “Even Shizune… HE WILL PAY when it is time.”

Sakura sure was caught off guard and said only


A short time span of quietness later Yamato acted.

“I hope you understand and Danzou now surely is alerted after the fight on the south gate between Team 8 and the two Root member we have to plan it out well. Luckily many have survived thanks to Tsunades Katsuyu and we’re in advantage of numbers. The problem about this is only that the Roots and Danzou are way more skilled than most of us and in addition has tons of more experience than we have. At best we could say we’re equal but I doubt this. The only chance we have is that Shikamaru is at our side to come up with a plan but he needs more Information to do so. Therefore we have to gather them the next time.”

Naruto in his thoughts.

“I see Captain.”

While that Sakura under tears speaks to Naruto; With Kakashi-sensei dead and Tsunade outnumbered you’re the only one who can conflict Danzou and stand a chance now but only one-on-one and this is the reason we need to make a plan.”

But there is more, we heard some disgusting rumors…

Which rumor does Yamato speaks of and what does Danzou know. The next chapter will tell.
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