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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 9

The Roots arrived at the building site and it looks like the rebuilt of the village works smooth.

After seeing this Sento comments;

“Well at least we must give Danzou credit for being good at rebuilding the village at a high speed”

Hato’s reaction is more disappointed then happy; “True but what he build isn’t a village it is a fortress and the villager has to live in tents of rubbish while that.”

Sento is curious about this.

“Who knows he may have information at hand even the most of us Roots aren’t aware of. After all he talked with the leader of Akatsuki quit some times. It is very possible that he prepares for a war their leader told him about.”

Anxious Hato wonders.

“You have a point if they gather the Tailed Demons they surely have something in mind. I just hope we won’t get to much involved in that.”

Sento’s calm answer calms Hato a little.

“Me too but honestly I don’t believe we could trust Akatsuki, not after what this Pain did to Konoha”

Hato with a thoughtful sentence; “Is it just me or are we actually not like we supposed to be and should neither think about that nor have any Emotions and just have to obey orders like a tool?”

Sento reacts in a similar tone.

“You’re right but I just can’t stop to wonder about the situation we’re in.”

Hato states an unsure comment;

“Me too and it looks like either we’re just not meant to be true Shinobis or it is impossible for a human to just become a tool for others at all.”

While that both looked around and determine the situation of the rebuilding process. Hato states a little angry what he think about this all.

“Seems pretty good despite the part inhuman way they get traded if the speed remains that way it will at highest take six months till the Crater is not to see anymore as well as the waste in the village outer skirts.”

Sento also has his opinion for this

“And if there really a war will break out we’re surely prepared which wouldn’t be possible if our village would be still like it was build before Pains attack. This may be also was planned by Danzou and the Akatsuki leader.”

Hato confident agrees with this.

Sento add something else.

“So we weren’t told where exactly to help so I recommend helping with the hospital which surely is an important building with or without war.”

Hato just agrees.

“Agreed, let’s start right now but we shouldn’t forget to think about something to safe our asses from Danzou who surely executes us at latest if he doesn’t need anymore people to rebuild the village.”

One of the ruined houses caves in and disrupts them for a moment but they just continue there dialog, where they speak about all the possibilities.

Did they guess right, does Danzou really know things he don’t even told the Roots. Has he really made business with Akatsuki and Madara? Questions over question, which will be answered in the next Chapters, you will see.
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