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Re: My Fanfic: The Future of Konoha Part 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 10

Danzou is sitting in the just finished Hokage office Danzous designed like a military base.

“Well, well the rebuilding process comes along as expected, with that speed the 7 month deadline surely will be enough till Akatsuki starts their war. I made business with them but they didn’t think how much I gained and I will crush them with my strategy when they attack, poor fools. Now I know about their strength and have all information about their leader, Pains Technique and already came up with a counter. Then Konoha will be the ultimate military force in this world with me at their top.”

Somewhere in a cave a shady figure laughs evil and mindless.

“Hahahahaha, Danzou really things he could stand against Akatsuki but he don’t know who their real leader is, it is me and soon my plans will be fulfilled and grant me the strongest body. A body that is invulnerable and untouchable like I am. Then finally I will be able to let all know how strong the Uchihas are and make them realize a Ninja is meant to fight, battle is his only purpose, to battle and crush the weak until he himself got crushed.

But I must thank you for the blueprints of the old Konoha you gave me this sure made it easier for Pain to get in and search for the Kyuubi, though for him to crush Konoha it ruins a Part of my plan and it seems he disobeyed me so I should talk to him but the Kyuubi kid will crush him anyway and if it isn’t him than Sasuke will do it cause of him destroying Konoha what Sasuke want to do. Anyway Zetsu or do you prefer to be called Obito? I order you to track Pain and tell me anything he does.”

“Obito would be nice master Madara”; “My name is Zetsu, Madara my Obito half only exists because he was still alive when I get rid of his body.”

(“so he still has the main control of the mind of this body after all Obito is a weak Uchiha with not even the Sharingan cause he gave it to Kakashi when he was about to die or so he thought. Anyway this doesn’t affect my plans at all especially since the main thread of Copycat Ninja Kakashi was killed by Pain at least one good thing he made well during the search for Kyuubi he also killed Jiraya some time before at least a few useful things he made after all to spare me some sweat.)

After this Zetsu left and Kisame came in to report.

“Master Mizukage I’m here to report about the current situation in Kirigakure. The preparation for the war runs smoothly they will be finished at time. The Hidden Stone also agreed to ally with us against Konoha; the Tsuchikage himself declared he will fight in front to finally solve their problem with Konoha from the last Shinobi war. While Raikage didn’t say anything it is absolutely clear that Sunagakure will ally Konoha, after all the current Kazekage was safed by them from us.”

He takes a small break to get some breath and then continues.

“Hidden Rain and Hidden Grass will ally with us too but Hidden Sound with Orochimaru gone and the new government said if war breaks out the will either fight alone or ally with Konoha for them have freed them from Orochimaru.”

Another break before he speaks on.

“The Hidden Star, Hidden Waterfall, Hidden Snow, Hidden Wave and some other small countries said they don’t want to start another war. But they would ally with Konoha as well cuz they helped them out big time in the past. In all, the most Countries either said they try to prevent another war or would ally Konoha for them being peaceful all along and helped them many times.”

“But the good thing is they all don’t like Danzou for his military deeds so some of them may change their mind if Danzou will be still in charge then.”

Madara does not really care and only speaks of how small this issue is.

“So all we have to do is assure that Danzou will be still Hokage in 7 months? Not really a problem. Okay Kisame you are dismissed but try to convince the other countries or at least some to participate in the war. How you make it, I don’t care.”

“As you wish master Mizukage”

Now Kisame turns and leaves the room.

“Well, well so it has started and Zetsu will bring me Naruto when he fought and killed Pain and is outworn and then my new body will be complete.”

Danzou and Madara think they are in advance and the first preparations for war were made. Alliances were merged and Kisame tries to emit as many Villages as possible in war but what is happening in Konoha, if Danzou won’t be stopped all will ally against Konoha and this surely would be the absolute end. Look forward to the next chapter.
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