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Re: 3 Word Story

Sakura was walking into Naruto's house to tell him i love Sasuke but i want to know if you love me like you love ramen coz if so i will buy you ramen. Naruto says to Sakura: I will not eat your heart like ramen, but maybe you will one day bow down to my greatness and acknowledge my existence. Then Sasuke walks in saying: there has got to be a sword IN MY STOMACH!. So I will avenge myself by licking on lollipops. That way I will kill time until i have my brothers eyes but what about some ramen on the side before i remove the sword? Naruto says, No that ramen is mine. Go get your own and buy some grapes for yourself. Sasuke! Oh, wheres sasuke now? Malthusianism, the only thing you have is Toad meat. Karin then enters and takes off her pants to see if Gamakichi has nice fingers. Gamakichi was busy so sakura offered to buy ramen for all of them. Karin got mad and demanded cold hard cash. Naruto Stares, Sakura punches him for looking at her feet. Later at Neji's house , Hinata yells "Would anyone like to dye their kage bunshins and unnatural pink hair." Neji says, "I want my nails painted a pretty byuukugan off white." Hinata agrees that doing this without Lee would be gay. So Neji ate some ramen. In another part of this lame possible anime filler script , Temari was brushing her teeth and watching shikamaru while he ate ramen. The ramen guy started to blow bubbles using a japenese crack pipe. Which suprised Tsunade; she got moist. While remembering Jiraya picking his nose and spying on Lady Shizune doing the same "hokey pokey". pikachu is a scientoligist, electric squeral rapist. Killa Bee enters and starts rapping, " Mo Money Mo, problems, Mo Money,Mo problems and all those other ramen eating grannys shouted like this: "Smell my fist". Shizune said, Hell Pain loves to rock and roll in the moonlight. Meanwhile akatsuki was getting into a shiny ford pinto. Itachi says , Hell awaits bellow the marsh pit. Lets get it on! Kisame starts to jump with excitement. While saying, hell fuckin yea lets get down. Suddenly there was a loud noise... Boom out jumped a ninja named Zetsu dancing away. Kishi then enters
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