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Re: About the time I pretended to be a pedo to troll some nub...

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Once upon a time in my boring days i was lurking in that IMVU chat shit when I saw some fag with a faggy avatar so I thought I'd troll him for lulz. I requested that he talk to me in a private chat room and he said "oh okay"

I played it cool in the beginning and he probably thought everything was fine, until I blurted out "oh i love children"

And he said something stupid like: "yeah children are cute but they can be annoying when the cry start screaming and crying and break your stuff"

So I said: " Yeah i actually love them when they cry too"

The fag: " what do you mean?"

Me: "They are so cute..don't you love them?"

The fag: "What are we talking about here?"

Me: "we are talking about children and how i love them too much"

The fag: " so do you have children"

Me: " no,but i have lots of pictures on my pc"

The fag: " do you like reading mangas?"

Me: "so why don't you try it too?...its fun"

The fag: "try what?"

Me: "you know.."

From here on I think he was starting to figure out that I was trolling his ass so he started to play along. He was probably going to try sending me some shit from his gay porn collection or something lame like that.

The fag: "hey..are you a pedo?"

Me: "what if i was?"

The fag:"just asking"

Me:"The galaxy loves me just the way i am..and am actually should try it too"

The fag: "No thanks..but have fun"

Me: "you don't believe me? trying to create a hidden forums and i need more ppl"

The fag: " look i have to go now..i got some better shit to do than your one's"

At this point I'm thinking that this guy is a total dumbshit.

Me: "JUST WAIT...(mediafire link)"

The fag: " no way in hell i'll download these"

Me : " its on media fire so it will be scaned for viruses so there is nothing to be afraid of"

Wtf? This guy was such a pussy. I bet he is just a huge vagina with fingers or some shit. Holy shit, what a little girl.

The fag: "what's in it?"

Me: "open and see your self"

I sent him some pics of a J C Penny catalog and he started crying. He probably went on some retarded quest to find out about child modeling because he's a tool. Seriously, what a moron.

Then he probably downloaded the zip because he secretly wanted to fap to little boy's pen0rs. When he saw that it was just some pictures from a professional studio for a magazine he must have been disappointed.

He came back in the chatroom and tried to curse at me. But he failed hard at English so I had no clue what he was talking about, causing me to lol at him. He said he was going to contact the FBI or something stupid like that, and then logged out of the chat.

And since that day...i never saw him again.

And that, my friends, is when I met the biggest douchebag ever.

lmao you're crazy... but this is a very funny story. the first time i liked your post, i must say...
(since you became Dark Aztek-ish) dont hate me for what i said.. >.>

@jaxon: rofl that was even funnier!

삳 압. 유 아 이스투피드.

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