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Naruto Awards 2009

Naruto Awards 2009

Hey, this is not the actual awards, this is the announcement thread and for discsusion. The Naruto Awards was something I thought that Naruto Lounge should have. I made a poll and people have spoken. We we hold the Naruto Awards. Basicly, it is a award show for Naruto. I will tell you the categories in this post and you can nominate 3 people/things for each category. I will tally them up and 5 will be picked to be official nominees. I will let you know what are the nominees in 5 days. Then PM your votes so i dont have to open up a whole bunch of threads. If you want to present a award, pm me with your skit. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

(Spoiler all manga spoilers)

Best OVA
Favorite Outfit
Favorite Episode
Most SHocking Moment
Best Arc
Saddest Moments
Most Epic Quote
Best Supporting Female
Best Supporting Male
Coolet Summon
Best Looking Female
Best Looking Male
Most Epic Fight
Favorite Couple
Veiwers Choice (Favorite Character)

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