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Re: I promised you lulz.

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
The "new vampire generation"? Like, gaunt emo fuckers with bad hair who sparkle in the sunlight? Fuck off.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post

you much have read twilight anwar
the shittiest, most predictable, poorest writen literature on the market today
damn i fucking hate those books
"edwards goreous, i wish my BF was as good as edward, blah blah blah." that's what all the girls fuckin say

if you want a BF like edward date a damn corpse, it'd have more character depth than him anyways.

my point is, the "new generation of vampires" are fucking pussies, and should only matter to 9 year old girls
which i guess you must be

pardon my rant please
Ppl ppl ppl...Am talking about "daywalkers"..*most be moar specific*

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
And if you think all zombies are slow, then you don't know shit about motha fuckin' zombies.

Also, vampires are faggy.

I pray to god...wishing that your not talking about those zombis who climb the walls as fast as cockroaches and have long toungs..cuz those are more faggy than any fancy vampire.

If your talking about Apocalypse then i'll tell you that he is the exception that proven the base...Zombies are fucking slow..there only power is in ganging and being hard to kill.
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