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Re: Nine-Tailed Fox demons RPG fc

Yohiko walked the the village, the sun gazing down on him. The heat was intenst and he was one his way to the training fields. It would be harsh training, but it would be worth it. He was going to learn a new justu. Maybe his cae in a fight, a speciality. He didnt know what it was though. He cuaght a glimpse of metal shining and glaring from the sun. He bent back and cuaght it. "Whos is this?"

"Haha, Yohiko... I cuaght up with you" A figure came from behind a alley way, very tall and slim. "Hmmm.... Sensei?" Yohiko uessed widly, he hadnt seen him only by his shadow. The men showed himself and it was him. "Yeah, we are going to train, correct?" Yohiko looked and grinned widley, teeth bright and blinding,"Of course, Ill do anything to get better" A bit excitited, he started hoping up and down throwing air punches.

"Right...." His sensei said annoyed. "Lets go!" Without a puase, he scooped Yohiko up since he wasnt paying attanetion and hope on a rooftop. "Hey! Wh-..." "Hold on!" His sensei hoped from roof to roof, like a human kangaroo. It was cool, but Yohio was getting sick and his stomach. "Yo sensei, take it easy" His face turned read, it was uncorfortable flinging up and down on someone shoulders. He lughed, "Yohiko, dont be a whimp"

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