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Re: Urahara's Bankai

Originally Posted by CamzyD View Post
but wasn't urahara was one of the first to witness aizens shikais real power?and being away from soul society for so long, he may have come up with ways to counter it...

no one knows what either of their bankais are like-so they both have the element of suprise on their sides

but yeah 1 v 1 ain't happening lol
Hmm....ulquiorra was able 2 take out Urahara's shikai as if it was nothing n he's only #4. Now come 2 think of it, maybe Aizen wont have 2 use his bankai if he fight urahara, i guess his shikai will be enuff against urahara's bankai lol

But yeah, wat u said might be true, Urahara is a gr8 scientist after all, he may have create many extraordinary inventions for fighting purpose + his unknown Bankai. Who knows... maybe those things might surprise Aizen, n it'll probably could create an opening so that the others can attack Aizen.

Aizen's power r one-of-a-kind, jst his reiatsu alone were able 2 make Grimmjow fall down 2 his knees n exhausting, lyk he was nothing but a mere worm. He was able to take out 2 captain ( Komamura n Hitsugaya ) in an INSTANT lyk they're nothing but ants.

He's way beyond the captains level. we know tht shinigami has 4 element of power; Zanpakuto, Shunpo, Hohou, n Kidou, but those element has a limit of its power n whichever elements tht u mastered, ur shinigami strenght will hit a wall, thts when the growth stops ( eps 61 ). Aizen probably had reach the limit of maximum power of those element, so in order 2 gt stronger he had 2 break down those limit n Hougyoku was the answer.

So it has 2 be something very very special in order 2 take this guy out, 1 v 1 is impossible n it aint gonna happen lol

@Naruto2008;Narutologist; maybe Urahara will come n help those captains fight those Espadas in the real world, but i'm not quite sure. One thing tht i'm sure is tht he will be one of the ppl tht'll fight against Aizen directly cuz i'm sure he wanna get even with Aizen bcuz of their past.

Damn, talkin bout this makes me wonder wat kind of Bankai tht urahara has, i cant wait lol
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