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Re: Hungry Ghost Realm

Originally Posted by poolangya View Post
wow.that is indeed a good ability from the hungry ghost realm, pain won't have to worry about losing too much chakra if hungry ghost realm is around and the enemy is stupid enough to fire a dozen s-rank ninjutsu on him. the chakra of the attack is absorbed,what about the attack itself?i mean, can pain reproduce it now since he is the maker of all ninjutsus according to the rikudou sennin theory? just a thot..
its not maker of all ninjutsu. he is the the creator of ninjutsu. he developed the first ninjutsu tehnics. all that was developed after his initial stage may be unknown to him.

also the fact that he is wearing a necklace that looks like the one of the Sage of the Six Paths, it doesnt mean he is Sage of the Six Paths(this is not to dismis ur theory, its my opinion regarding it).

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