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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Probalby the genjutsu is going to give Naruto time to recover and get the last sage mode.
Then the fight for the 5 second interval begins.
I think Naruto will eventually do 2 things:

1. Will still be defeated and the kyuby will show itself.
This is important because we need to reintroduce the fox, and what better time then this serious fight.

2. Will force pain to escape.
This is more unlikely as pain is pretty set on not giving up I think, it's not his style. He fights with a clear purpose, that is fueled by deep despair and dark feelings. These feelings have left him cold and methodical. But there is still the utter conviction to his cause and just a tad(haha) arrogance that will be the fall of God.
I don't think he will leave.

Another scenario:
What about Gara coming to his rescue? Just like he rescued Gara..
I know ppl don't want Naruto to get help but hey! When his sage mode runs out he will need it.
It's not like he is weak, he took(or will take out) all pain bodies except God.
These pains have never been defeated all of them before. And their might take out one of the strongest Ninja villages in this world.

In the end it is just keeping with the theme of the manga that Naruto gets help, he is not Sasuke(go it alone, need no one emo) after all.
Alone is not strong, this is Narutos theme.

Game over naruto!
- Hell no! I still have lives left!
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