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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

I'm wondering if the Frogs already hit Pain with Genjutsu and this is all a ploy. I think either the caught Naruto is a clone and he will eventually poof away when fully drained of chakra, or he'll start Foxing out and PAin will have to get the hell out of Konoha. Not to mention, Naruto still has Katsuya with him so he may get some chakra replenishment through Tsunade and her summons and that may be enough to get him over the hump. I still see Pain retreating by the end of this fight with no Naruto but a hell of a trashed Konoha. Too many people have gotten killed or hurt for him to just end up winning this fight and capturing Naruto unless this is how they will get Danzou over to take Tsunade's spot and become Hokage.
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