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Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
Here is my own prediction or what I would like to see.

Naruto starts to lapse into an unconscious state. He finds himself in the sewer again with the kyubi.

Kyubi: Looks like you are weak again whelp. You thought you could go without my power and now you are about to die for it. Now it is my turn and you will have no choice but to accept my power.
Naruto: I still have enough power to resist you.

The area starts to bubble with red chakra and the gate seems to open up.
Kyubi: Hahahahaha Not any more.

Hungry ghost realm is draining naruto's chakra when suddenly the roar of the fox echoes through his head stunning him in shock. Naruto's head jerks up and he burst into 3 tails mode immediately.

God Pain: So at last the real beast shows itself but it is too late.

Hungry Ghost Realm desperately holds onto naruto and tries to drain again but naruto grips his arms. God pain's eyes open wide in shock as naruto rips off both of hungry ghost realm's arms at the same time right out of the socket. Hungry ghost realm staggers backward with a horrified expression on his face. Naruto turns around and in one slash litterally cleaves hungry ghost realm in half.

Fukusaku: This is far worse than I imagined.
Shima: What's wrong? Naruto with the power of the kyubi is far stronger than as a sage.
Fukusaku: The problem is the kyubi has been trapped in naruto for some time on a severely restrained basis. Without naruto's chakra to hold the kyubi at bay the kyubi has free reign to do whatever it pleases.

Naruto growls at God pain and gets into a haunched position. Naruto charges at god pain and god pain immediately sends naruto flying backwards. Naruto gets up on and looks at pain with a vile look. A smile starts to form on his face. Naruto charges again and pain tries to repel him but naruto stops short and shoots a blast of pure chakra at god pain. The two blasts splash against each other and explode resulting in god pain being forced to jump back while naruto remains where he is while standing on two legs.

God Pain: So this is the power of the kyubi. Even now its powers are equal to my own but only for so long. Then the real beast will come out. I must end this now!

God pain charges forward at an extremely fast pace and with one slash impales naruto with a blade through the shoulder. Naruto slumps downward for a second and pain leans close to him.

God Pain: Its over. I promise your death will have meaning.

Suddenly naruto jerks up with an enraged expression on his face. The fourth tail emerges and naruto suddenly starts to exert an heavy amount of chakra. Pain watches in shock as his sword is vaporized by the pure chakra and sees the effect that the four tails transformation has on naruto.

Pain: So this is the real power of the kyubi?

The End
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