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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

IMHO since i don't think Naruto will call out the Kyuubi...he may lapse into an unconscious state and talk to it but just because their is that one last clone, i think he'll win this in SM.

Also i kinda have faith in Naruto coz he has never lost an important life or death battle(except against sasuke but that was just for plot development) and the stakes in this fight are so high he will definitely make us proud as he has done so far and do it alone to the shock and awe of the whole village.

To those who believe that Sasuke would help save Naruto in the unlikely event that Pain captures him, i disagree. Sasuke would deliver Naruto himself if he cld just becoz his goal right now is revenge against the whole village.

I wonder tho, lets imagine that Sasuke is totally out of his freaking mind and there is no redemption for him...what would Sasuke do when he finally gets his revenge...he would have no place to call home and no one else to take his revenge on. So would he deteriorate to a state like Pain where the world is his enemy and try to fight everyone so that they may feel his pain lol(pun intended)

Anyway,look out for some serious Pain ass whooping in the next chapter. I hope Naruto would pull a move or two before getting back into sage mode.
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