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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by popion View Post
lol dude
naruto is drained of chakra. the kyuubi doesnt see the outside to know what happens there.
he sees that naruto is drained and thinks "omg this is bad" and decides to force the seal again, to "save" naruto
You're forgetting that naruto has been out of chakra many times and the kyuubi hasn't shown proof is during his training with Jiraiya when he was learning the frog summoning tech...he was draining himself of chakra all the time and still trying to learn a new tech without his "blue" chakra, yet the kyuubi didn't freak out and go, "he has no chakra, i must help him..."

Before the time skip naruto had to specifically ask for the kyuubi's chakra apart from when he was fighting sasuke, and even during that fight the kyuubi showed awareness of what was going on and decided to fight. Kyuubi is aware of Naruto's day to day activities...even during their first meeting kyuubi showed an awareness that naruto's life was in danger, he wasn't even told.

Its only after the timeskip did Kishi make naruto a ticking time-bomb who blew up everytime he got mad.
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