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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by huyujamaa View Post

Naruto is neither angry or dead or even in a life threatening situation like when he had a guys hand jammed into his shoulder after receiving the chidori....right now he is only being put to sleep...does the kyuubi erupt when the dude is knocked out or goes to sleep...he isn't in any physical danger, his body is still intact and only his sage chakra is being drawn out.

And i'm sure pain won't waste his time trying to absorb kyuubi chakra coz the point is to extract it into the statue...anyway, if the kyuubi behaves like the hachibi he may wake naruto up and knock down pain the same way Sasuke got pwnd...we'll just have to wait and see.
his sage chakra si already depleted cuz pain siphoned all b4 the ending of the chapter. now he is drained of his own chakra. thats why he passed out. his normal chakra is wery low so he cant stand on his feet (cuz from what i get from the databooks chakra=stamina more than chakra=stamina+celular energy)
this is bad for naruto and kyuubir feels it.
i mean in the chunin exam sasuke was drained by yoroi and he didnt passed out (and sasuke has a lot less chakra than naruto).
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