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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by popion View Post
hehe i said the same stuf sometime ago in a prediction thread and no one had take seriously that
Originally Posted by llBattousaill View Post
Sure Sasuke is great motivation but wouldn't it be reasonable to think that if he defeats Pein without the demon he could defeat Sasuke easily and drag him back home...I mean honestly do you think Sasuke could defeat Pein, I don't think he stands a chance tbh. I think both the character's will each become much more powerful before they have to face off.

Naruto defeated Gaara with the help of the boss toad and after defeating Kakuzu was a whole different type of situation...Naruto's tech caused harm to himself and he obviously found a way to use it without it doing so in Sage mode. But if he defeats Pein without any reprocutions...I reallllllly don't know why he would train like a mad man as he did before to become stronger...He would have defeated one of the strongest ninjas ever at a very young age. I'm not saying he's going to stop training but I don't think he would train as hard as he would if the demon showed itself.
Ok i see your point, you want Naruto to get stronger, we all do. I just want the story to get back on track, Naruto had the 2 and a half year period to train, came back, trained under Kakashi and then under Fuka...its just been training training training...I'm tired of getting to much of the same diet in terms of plot cycle...

I want him to win this so that we can move on with the story and find out about stuff like whats gonna happen at the kage summit, danzo's treachery, hachibi and the group of nins he's gonna visit, sasuke's revenge etc

And i'd like naruto to be sent on these missions without him having to stay behind coz of training and then get sent off half tired to save someone's ass with another incomplete jutsu...

With the FRS training and the Sage training, he's been interrupted you really want this cycle to continue during his next training...Let him work for once and not just train...
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