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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by bigfatLOL View Post
why only half O_o ?? i dont understand you ;/ whats happened with another half of the kyuubi :O ?
it locked/sealed in the death ghost

Originally Posted by ninja92d View Post
many people have talked about the kyuubi kicking in but i hope it doesnt. it would be a proper time for the kyuubi to make an appearance now that naruto's chakra is being drained away by that accursed hungry realm, but something tells me that wont happen yet. maybe after he uses his last sage clone that he stored away and after shima and (the other one slips my mind right now) are out of the picture then the kyuubi will appear. i ill keep hoping that naruto pulls off a victory on his own though
edit: shima and fukasaku haha
kyuubi is a part of naruto (ok the dark side but ... still a part of him)
we cant ignore that. if he uses the kyuubi it doesnt mean aaaa naruto is a p**y, he let the redfox do his job.

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