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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
This goes a long with the missing shadow clone thingy. Also the reason why there was two holes instead of one. I talked about the holes in the chapter discussion and also remembered that the Rasengan was used to create a dust cloud. However Naruto tossed bunches of smoke bombs, what was the purpose of the Rasengan?

Well I'll get on with the prediction.
I totally agree with TSO, where is that third clone. Take a look at the last chapter:

Notice what naruto said in the 3rd panel " well". i think the smoke bombs hid his real intentions, that to hide one of his clones underground in a hole that the double rasengans created, as shown in panel 1

I believe the unpredictable ninja will do it again and surprise us with that hidden clone and attack the hungry pain thus freeing the real naruto and killing the hungry pain thus leaving Deva pain to deal with. naruto will summon his sage clone and receive the NE to fight pain. By that time, both toad sages will gather enough time and NE to do the genjutsu on Deva Pain, thus incapacitating him for the real naruto to finish him off with the rasen shuriken.

this is what i hope will happen in next chapter
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