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Re: Naruto 435 predictions.

Originally Posted by n6hokage View Post
First Of All We Know That Pain Can Use All 5 Chakra Types.
But Natural Energy Is Not a Type Of Chakra and Also To be able to gather 'NE' you have to be perfectly Still. So My Theory Is That If naruto Indeed Is Loosing His Natural Energy Is Because Hungry Pain Is Sucky Naruto's physical Chakra thus shifting the balance between naruto's physical, spiritual, and natural energy. Resulting In Naruto not being able to stay In Sage Mode Because The amount Of 'NE' You Can Have Is Equal To The Amount Of Physical Chakra You Have. Thus Making It Possible For Demon Fox To Come Out. As It Always Does When Naruto Is Out Of Chakra.
Another Possibilty Could be , as we have speculated, That It Could Be One of naruto 'KB' That pain Is Holding.
Also i Would Like To Point Out That I believe That naruto Is Not GOing To be Capture Just Yet Because Of Two Things he may still have up his Sleeve Besides The Other 'KB' that's Still Collecting 'NE'. And That my Friends Would Be "THe JUTSU" Jiraiya Kept Telling Naruto To NOt Use Ever Since Naruto Train With Him For 2 1/2 Years. Which I believe Has Something To Do With The Scroll Frog That Has They KEY TO The Seal!!!!!
we dont know that, as i have poited this some time ago.
we dont know the NE/chakra ratio and we dont know what "balance NE" means
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