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Re: Kakashi's death?

I see your point, but naruto has to train to gain a higher level of skill. If it were to just happen then how could naruto be known as a hard worker anymore? Thats why I could see kakashi being able to help naruto in that area. As well as helping naruto with his water affinity
Ok, I dont know what you mean by
"if it were to just happen then how could naruto be known as a hard worker anymore?"
Do you think people are just going to forget that naruto has spent almost the whole of the series so far training? or that he went from being a weak, unpopular 12 year old child, to a strong, envious man/adolescent, who became stronger than his teacher by far, in only a matter of 3 years? i don't think so somehow.

oh and about your other reason for kakashi to stay.. to help him with his water affinity? Its just not going to happen.
I think we might start seeing naruto developing his own techniques soon. He might train his affinity for water by himself or with the help of his equals/friends, instead of being taken out of the storyline, and trained by some guy that takes about 30 chapters. been there done that (about 20 times over)

hurricane chronicles
Kakashi whether dead or not is no longer a main supporting character. He just got demoted to a extra in the manga along with Iruka, and the Raman Shop Owner.
sad but true. lol
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