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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Migagawe View Post
He tried to tell everyone he was God though they stoned him. Why? He's a human being! That's why he refers to himself as the "Son of God" to prevent that happening but he never called himself "God the Son" but he said "My father and I are one". People got mad at him,
are u saying that God lied to humans about being God to escape thier wrath ? oh God the almighty God! + do u really beleive that the same God that striked the jews with boltlights just becouse they demanded to see him just changed his mind and showed himself to them + why didnt God ( i mean YHWY and ALLAH by God not jesus) mentioned his beloved son to Abraham and Moses becouse when God talked to Moses in montsinai he said " IM God worship no other but me" he didnt say "IM God and this is my son and this my holyspirit" and here is another point the early christians didnt beleived that jesus was God or even the son of God such as the Ebonites, the Corinthians, the Basilidians, the Capocratians, and the Hypisistarians and all of them rejected paul of tarsus as an "apostle of the law " it is clear as sunlight that the idea of trinity is a roman conception and invention
and anoother thing ALLAh means YHWY in arabic and muslims and jews and christians worship the same Abrahamic God but they dont worship jesus and only consider him as a prophet to the jews, the messiah is a prophet not God

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