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Meteor or Satellite ?

Fireball In the Sky

What bugs me about this story is its not adding up. The government says there is no connection between the satellites crashing and the fireball but the timing says other wise. I am pretty sure the fireball wasnt the satellites because most scientist say in order for a fireball that big to burn for so long the object has to be atleast the size of a school bus. So the real question is if the satellites crashed into each other by pure chance as the gov claims or was there more to it. For all we know the satellites didnt crash into each other by pure chance but instead were struck by a meteor and the satellites crashing into each other is just a cover story to keep the public from finding out about a bigger threat out there such as a incoming asteroid. This fits with the scientist claims that a asteroid has many smaller asteroids surrounding the large asteroid.

I am not saying we are going to be hit by a asteroid what i am saying is this story is not adding up and i feel we are being mislead by our government.
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