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Re: Jesus, not the first

Since we're debationg this based on the bible, I'll be basing all my thoughts from it as we speak:
Originally Posted by senju naruto View Post
are u saying that God lied to humans about being God to escape thier wrath ? oh God the almighty God!
God never lied. I did not say he did. He never said "I am not God". When Jesus speaks, it's mysterious hence people like the bible scholars would try and unlock the bible which God wanted in the first place. Thus, fulfills Isiah's prophecy of Jesus being mysterious in all ways that when he speaks its meaningful and broad.
Originally Posted by senju naruto View Post
+ do u really believe that the same God that striked the jews with boltlights just becouse they demanded to see him just changed his mind and showed himself to them
The Jews never demanded to see God. They were aware that he was too holy to encounter those times.
Originally Posted by senju naruto View Post
+ why didnt God ( i mean YHWY and ALLAH by God not jesus) mentioned his beloved son to Abraham and Moses becouse when God talked to Moses in montsinai he said " IM God worship no other but me" he didnt say "IM God and this is my son and this my holyspirit"
I oppose trinity if you actually read my statements. The bible states that we are made in God's image hence God must have the same type of physical characteristics as human beings. The bible said humans have Body, Soul and Spirit. The trinitarians said that God is divided in three Jesus, Father and the Holy ghosts. Th bible scholars oppose that belief though. Why? God is one. He has a body, a soul and a spirit. How does this work? Jesus said that God dwells in him and that he and God are one. The bible also states that Jesus is the image of God thus seeing him is the point where they see God. Quick fact: Moses stood right beside Jesus when Jesus transformed in front of his disciples. Also, Abraham knew who Jesus was but only knows him by the name "I AM". I'm AGAINST TRINITY since it's not in the Bible.

Originally Posted by senju naruto View Post
and here is another point the early christians didnt beleived that jesus was God or even the son of God such as the Ebonites, the Corinthians, the Basilidians, the Capocratians, and the Hypisistarians and all of them rejected paul of tarsus as an "apostle of the law " it is clear as sunlight that the idea of trinity is a roman conception and invention
Corinthians never rejected Paul. Paul was part of the Bible and since you're trying to use the Bible against, at least be accurate. Again, you should reread my statements.

Originally Posted by senju naruto View Post
and anoother thing ALLAh means YHWY in arabic and muslims and jews and christians worship the same Abrahamic God but they dont worship jesus and only consider him as a prophet to the jews, the messiah is a prophet not God
YHWH and ALLAH (So does Jehovah) means "I am". He can't tell the old testament dudes his name yet. Though it was stated that God revealed his name in the New Testament. Jesus or Youshue means "Jehovah became salvation". Christ or Messiah means “the container of God”. If he's just a prophet, why is he judging all men in the end of times (it's also said in the Koran that Jesus will judge all human) according to the Bible and Koran? Why was he called King of kings and Lord of lords? Why was he called the Alpha and Omega and the Beginning and the End? Why was he called Creator and the firstborn? Why did it say that Jesus should be praised and worshiped, none other? Why is Jesus sitting on the throne of God? Where's Allah? Oh maybe because Allah's Jesus, too bad when he said he was God people threw pebbles and stones at him. Why? No human being can be God and Jesus knew that. He was smart enough to know that. Though he tried saying it twice or thrice. Again, before you speak, read my statements thoroughly. If you want to know the verses in the Bible where all those are said, politely and please kindly private message me and I'll make sure to give 'em to you. And based it in the Bible since its the thing we're discussing.
The Answer
Signs are fulfilled of the second coming of God
-Matthew 24:2,16 : Happened 70 A.D.
-Matthew 24:21: Happened Dark ages
-Matthew 24:29: Happened May 19, 1780
-Joel 2:31: May 19, 1780
-Matthew 24:29: Happened November,1833
Matthew 24:30: Last thing to happen

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