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Re: Chris brown assualts Rihanna

Originally Posted by Hurricane Chronicles View Post
We really dont know what happened who knows what happened maybe she attacked him. Sources said that Rihanna picked his phone to read a text from a unknown female. Saying to come meet him at some hotel room heres the link for that story

Plus them chicks from the carribean get a little crazy, if he did hit her and wasnt defending himself than thats fucked up. Otherwise im not condeming him yet.
I agree with that sentiment. We don't know for sure what happened. There is only two ppl that know for sure. I mean she got all the dudes in the world right now ready to kick this guy ass.

I mean Kanye west come on now... Kanye??

R u serious??

not saying that c brown any type of fighter , but man kanye??

U know how little energy i would use to take this guy out and then go on and proceed with my "real" workout. Man u can't be serious.,00.html

ok ok ok ... new president = new rules...

We are currently in a recession therefore by my calculations we need to make up this debt proper. So from now until i say otherwise Taxes r going up in my jurisdiction and the cap don't play. If u sitting there like a dumbass wondering if u in my jurisdiction it's easy... Check ur zipcode ... if it starts with the numbers 1 thru 9 well buddy u fall into the jurisdiction so make sure u up to date.

U don't wanna find out what happens when u don't pay ur taxes.

(hint: auditing can get painful)

Pay ur taxes!

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