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Post Re: Naruto inherites the Rinnegan (partially) from Nagato....Why?

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
let him be guys this kid is wacked out everyo9ne on the forum knows naruto >sasuke cept him .....
Apparently everyone misunderstood. This post is not about sas-gay, its about Naruto and Pain (aka Nagato as he is the other person with destiny thing that J-man said)

Yes, Naruto can kick sasuk's ass at his current state. Its plain as day if Naruto can keep with Pain when J-man struggled, but that was a completly different situation where he did not know the other 3 pains. But what matters is NARUTO can keep up with Pain. But i am saying, was saying before most people went sas-gay, when Naruto does not have the following things:

1-Demon Fox (Yes its going to get either extracted or released from Naruto in the end). Take it this way, if Naruto was to die then Fox would die as well. And do you think Kishimoto would allow that, that all these Bijuu to die.

Also why have 7 Bijuu containers and leave Killer bee and Naruto. Please explain this to me since I can't understand that since how was the story was to progress to see what Madara plans if the Bijuu if not fully done. Am i the only one who thinks this way. Also Tsunade, is mostly likely to bring him back and die in the process, so the next Hokage can be chosen.

2-People who said Naruto can use Sage mode think, but they forget, its imperfect in battle since Naruto has to use clones. How long do you think Naruto has in a battle to do that, and not get killed as you have to be still to collect the natural energy.

So he would have other option of mastering it, but i was mentioning Pa Frog getting killed. J-man needed him to fight using Senjutsu, but where does it say that Naruto can use it in battle freely without their help. Naruto planned ahead before and thats why he is keeping up with Pain, or else how much time do you think Naruto would have to collect natural energy.

3. Also who is to say that Itachi's gift is not just one off. I mean how can you transfer something like half-your power, and in what form. We saw the crow thing and therefore we can assume it to relate to Genjutsu, which is Naruto's greatest weakness in battle.

I just wanted to ask if there was a possiblities that Nagato would give him the Rinnegan or some of its abilities or at least train him?

As i pointed out he is nothing bad in the inside like wants to kill people inhumanely but wants peace in the end. He is like Tousen from Bleach, a misguided person.

Naruto has a strong chance of killing Nagato out of revenge for what he has done or he can forgive Nagato and make him see violence and pain is not the true path to peace.

Rinnegan needs a sucessor since if Nagato dies, the doujutsu would be gone forever that was passed down from the original founder of modern Ninja art.

It is possible Nagato might not get killed and Survive to reproduce with Konan but does it look like it.

If Nagato was to die Kishimoto has to pass it down to somebody else, even if that person is not Naruto.

All i was asking is Naruto a likely candidate since they are related in many ways in Naruto world except by blood.

-Same teacher (J-man)
-Destined Child
-Wants peace in the end, so people can live happily, although the road to it varies.
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