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Re: Naruto inherites the Rinnegan (partially) from Nagato....Why?

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
The problem here is that Naruto's ideals are the same as Jiraiya. Jiraiya confronted Pain's crazy ideals and stated the wrongs in Nagato's plot. Even though Naruto can convince people better, Jiraiya had a better understanding of the world around him and was still unable to shake Nagato's will. Who is to say Naruto is able to?

But I doubt you can just give someone a dojutsu. Its a type of inheritance and it has something to do with the bloodline. The Rinnegan suddenly appearing within Nagato hints that its not a simple bloodline trait however, its something that comes along every so often, probably after years and years. The legend says its a tool of God that appears to guide the world to salvation or utterly destroy it. Its not something that can simply be passed on unto another.

If its a bloodline, then it may reappear within future generations. Of course its not a simple bloodline trait, which means it won't appear for possibly decades or even centuries. Based on the legend, it only appears when the need arises. Not sure if Nagato had any descendants, but the importance of the Rinnegan may faze out if Nagato is indeed the last holder of such a dojutsu. Not all bloodlines are meant to prosper down the road. Kimimaro's clan was a vicious clan striving on battle extensively, due to its tenacies, it later went extinct.

Doubtful. If the beast is extracted from Naruto, he dies. That is the fate of all Host who looses their Bijuu. The Bijuu does not have to be removed from Naruto, its just a goal of Akatuski's. And they won't snatch out Naruto's Bijuu unless Killer Bee is captured because sealing the 9 tails within the statue will cause embalance and it will crumble. And its highly unlikely that Akatuski is able to keep Naruto in custody until they capture and seal Killer Bee, which could take days. It takes over a week to seal a Bijuu within a statue because they are so short of members.

Because Naruto is a survivor. He's not like the other hosts who where unprepared or lacked the support of his home village as well as hidden villages.

He does not need to fuse. Naruto has developed his shadow clone charge method. So he does not have to rely on the Toads for him to go into Sage Mode. Naruto can go into Sage Mode from a distance and have shadow clones left at Myobokuzan to mold Sage Chakra. Naruto has shown the ability to be able to stay in Sage Mode for a while, the two extra charges gives him even more time to stay in Sage Mode.

So, technically, Naruto has his initial burst (which has shown to last enough time to ditch out severe damage to his opponents), and two shadow clone charges, which one lasts him a good while. Sure his Sage Mode has a time limit, but the amount of time he can stay in Sage Mode is more than suffice. With the reverse summoning method in place, Naruto can hide his shadow clones far from harm's way, so they can gather natural energy without being disturbed.

We are unsure of that. It could be a defense mechanism for dealing with the sharingan. Who knows?

Who is to say Naruto can't match Sasuke with his Mangekyou Sharingan? I was under the impression that Sasuke's "That Jutsu" was Kirin. We have to remember that we have not see Naruto's "That Jutsu." Its more or less probably the jutsu correlating to the mastery of the Kyuubi's chakra via the "Key" unlocking all of the Kyuubi's chakra. So Naruto still has power left untapped.
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