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Re: Naruto inherites the Rinnegan (partially) from Nagato....Why?

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
Pain facies himself a God. He believes himself to be a ruler who passes judgement on those he deem unworthy. I'm sure its a lot easier to change a rouge then it is to change someone who has such a huge dominating essance.
Agreed. The man is fukn dilusional and unreasonable. I mean i kno naruto has the ability to change ppl and all that but this is a will be a failed attempt if he tries.

Naruto will never get the rinnegan. He will look wierd in it and it will jus mess up the whole fukn story. It makes no sense why kishi would do it. Naruto has enough power already so he doesn't need anymore, he jus needs to harness his abilities to their full potential.

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