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Re: 437 Predictions

My prediction.... first one ever lol.

Rapid development

Pain" I see u still have no answer..

Naruto" I'm still young so i may not understand everything yet however it's clear to me that what u are trying to attempt is wrong.

Naruto:U will never achieve peace that way.. you will only cause more pain and destruction

Pain: Ur just like Jiraiya he said the same thing

Flashback: to when jiraiya was talking to pain in their fight

Pain: But i know my way will bring peace there's no way someone like u could understand how i feel

Scene switch to Shikamaru...
2 teams are made and start the search for pains real body hinata using byakugan to scope the area...

Switch to konan and nagato

A bushinn konan is standing on top of a mountain looking over the area she reports..

Konan: Nagato they have started to search for something it could be they figured it out

Nagato: let them come even if they find us what could they possibly do.. (with a mean look) I'll show them true suffering and pain

Back to naruto

Naruto: I had enough of ur bullshit

Pain: fine.. its time i get going anyway

Pain knocks naruto out and starts to run off with him

a voice calls for naruto .. its kyuubi

Kyuubi: hmm we meet again naruto

Naruto: what the hell i told u im done using u

Kyuubi: relax.. i have seen u train and grow even i must admit u have become som what powerful.. ur becoming more and more like him every day haha

Naruto: who..

Kyuubi: never mind now, its important u get out of this situation otherwise we are both dead

Naruto: I failed i tried my hardest but he got the best of me

Kyuubi: what, this isn't the naruto loud mouth i know giving up so soon perhaps u weren't meant to control my power after all

Naruto: Thats right i rather fail then use ur power ur pathetic no different than pain

Kyuubi: fool release me and i will obliterate him with ease

Naruto: never i can't

Kyuubi: trust me..(we see a nice side of kyuubi for a second) release my power up to the 4th state i promise u, that u can now control me.. do this and i will reveal to u the secrets of ur past UR FAMILY.

Naruto: !!!! my family u know them but


Naruto: ........ a pissed look FINE

Pain: what's this impossible my rod should !!!!!

Naruto is engulfed in chakra 4 tails sprout but he is able to retain his human form..

Naruto/kyuubi voice: now pain prepare to die i will erase ur existence from this world.. history itself WILLL FORGET YOU!.


Side text

"Naruto's power has reached new heights now that he is able to control kyuubi's power what danger lies for pain"

Next" the one who was known as GOD"

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