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Re: 437 Predictions

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
this is how all akatsuki die u'll see i am right if u check their arcs.

You go after ur jinchuriki... U win... u fight some fodders after.. u win.. u fight the next time u die

Itachi.. fought kakashi asuma kurenai won... fought kakashi naruto lost all though that wasn't him... fought his third official fight and died... win or lose akatsuki ppl get 3 fights and they die on the third..

deidara.. beat garra... got his ass kicked by team naruto and akakshi... fought sasuke and died..

sasori...fought kankuro... fought chiyo and sakura and died but sasori is different he fought 2 on 1 and wanted to lose at the end even though he was clearly the victor stated by chiyo...

hidan.. asuma... dies or rather unable to go on after shika

kakauzu same as hidan ...

so these are the guys that died so far...

kisame fought twice that we saw suigetsu doesn't count since its not a major fight his third fight he will die..

konan fought once

zetsu never

madara never

pain once so pain should live till the third time but who knows maybe the curse of akatsuki will be broken by naruto lol.
i know hehe
i find deidara a wery potent long range shinobi cuz of the fact he can fly, so he can gain distance in 3 directions (left righ up)

aaa and i find zetsu very intersting lol
he can merge with anything. this can be annoying in a fight lol. i bet he has some badass jutsu
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