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Re: Hinata's AWESOME now!

Originally Posted by 6mysteriousthinker9 View Post
lol Shino is just awesome , to be honest i actualy admired him XD i always wanted to buy a jacket that would reach over my chin and some black shades that were like shino's BAHAHA i know its ridiculous but its true XD
Originally Posted by popion View Post
lol i would do that to
he looks way to cool
as some one stated around here shino is ... death
when you lose to gaara you can see in his eyes his desire to kill
when you lose to naturo you see in his eyes happiness
when you lose to shino ya dont see shit
you just losed to someone who doesnt care lol
on topic
in the end of the last ep (preview for the next one)
naruto uses toad pistol on guren
is he blind? cant he see that hinata is there in the crystal prison?
what if he breaks the cristal and no more hinata ???
is this why kakashi tries to stop him ???
lol ya he looks way to awesome XD , it's soo true , you dont see shit if you lose to him baha he couldnt care less XD ...

lol i would comment on the on topic analysis but i didnt watch the preview XD * goes and watches the preview * BRB
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