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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by seanizzzle View Post
Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind..

I plan on reading the whole Sword of truth series..
anyone have any advice be4 i waste my time reading the rest?
So far its aite but styl some heads-up will be good
I have read this entire series. I loved it, it does have its own style and the first book is quite dark in the middle, you'll know what im talking about when you get there. But Goodkind's imagination is very cool, and the way he explains how magic works and has kind of created his own rules and laws around magic. Makes it quite a fun series to read. If you like Fantasy novels then you will probably enjoy this series. If at the end of the first book you are not hooked, then you probably wont get hooked.

Im currently reading The Runelord series by David Farland. Just got a phone call that the 6th book is waiting for me at the book shop, so that's where i am heading after work.
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