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Re: Naruto inherites the Rinnegan (partially) from Nagato....Why?

It is quite possible for Naruto to Inherit the Rinnegan. Reasons. Read chapter 372 374 and 380 yahiko acts and has the same type of personality as Naruto. I believe Naruto will open Pains Eyes, Well I mean Nagato. Nagato seems from the manag drawings that he is at his ends of life. Konan will possbily turn good. for when nagato gives Naruto his Rinnegan, he will expain to kona that theyw ere wro0ng etc etc blah blah.

I doubt Naruto will get the rinnegan unless you can turn them off you know so his eyes are normal blue. How when he goes sm, they changed and whens he leave sm they go normal.
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