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Re: 437 Predictions

Originally Posted by phyomin View Post
i don't agree this part.
i think some people r misunderstanding. the clone is not just gathering NE but also focus the Sage Chakra.
look at the proof:

So, if naruto release the shadow clone, the transferred thing is not NE but Sage chakra. So he doesn't need to harmony physical, spiritual and NE. he could become the Sage instantly. here's the proof.

Even if we suppose his physical & spiritual energies become uncontrollable because of Pain's chakra disruptor. but he don't need to harmony three energies 'cos he could get the already harmonized Sage chakra.

Way to go Naruto
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Originally Posted by KonohaYondaime View Post
Something like this:

Sweet! I want my pizza dellivered that way!

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Does Konan change him? Ewww!!! Damn that!
Yeah,...let's not talk about that...
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