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Re: Whos Blood Was on Pein's Sword?

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
Sometimes even my spirit drops. However i just dont know anymore.

as for my sig i just put two colored manga panels and put them together and used the eraser tool in the middle to kind of blend them.

Dont let it get you down im sure she is going to be alright because her shy personality is the perfect match to naruto's in your face personality (opposites attract) not to mention without a doubt she is the most popular female ninja in the series. Kishi has to have known how much his fan base wanted this pairing i dont think he would have her finally tell naruto I love you only to kill her off. I havent seen the sales numbers but if the hype on the net is any indecation im willing to bet the sales of this week's chapter are thru the roof and its not because of the kyuubi 6 tails. Kishi is not a stupid man he wont go againest his fan base like that. The only real question is how will she survive not if she is going to survive.

Its still a nice sig i didnt know there was color version on the net already i have been working on coloring the manga panel myself but i suck with the burn tool so the shading is slowing me down.
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